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"The Bold"

Cankhcious Queen of Comedy

Anastasia “The Bold” the Cankhcious Queen of Comedy is the hottest and most sought after comedienne in the south. This young lady is without a doubt an extraordinary comedienne.

Her natural ability allows her to transcend into any genre of comedy. This hilariously, yet informative and thought provoking comedienne can be booked for all of your special occasions because she makes every event a special occasion. Anastasia prides herself on her ability to customize a comedy show to suit the needs of her clients, however be warned that her contagious and explosive energy, side-splitting antics, and the dynamic stage presence she brings into a room should be approached with caution because Anastasia “The Bold” is “too real to be fake and saying the things others only think.” Be ready for a young lady you’ll never forget and a show you will always remember, get ready for Anastasia “The Bold.” 




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Intensive Comedy Unleashed
Hosted by Anastasia The Bold

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Seeds Planted

The Cankh-cious Comedy Podcast Hosted by Anastasia The Bold

Tune in for new guests each week. 
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A Taste of Comedy
Anastasia "The Bold"

Recorded live at CAFE DELICIOUS in Dallas, TX

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Anastasia "The Bold"

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